In the first two decades of the 21st century, we have faced dramatic economic change, first the 2008 financial crisis and recovery and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic and recession. American families and businesses are struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing economy. One of my top priorities in Congress is to expand opportunities and to invest in sustainable, long-term economic growth to ensure American families and businesses can succeed.

The one consistent message I hear from local businesses about how we can help them expand and create more jobs is that we must improve our infrastructure. Everyone in Connecticut knows that our transportation infrastructure is in dire need of repair and replacement as we face traffic and delays every day. That’s why I’m proud to have voted for the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, which includes $550 billion in new investments in bridges, broadband, roads, waterways, and more. Over five years, Connecticut should receive $3.5 billion for federal-aid highway apportioned programs, $561 million for bridge replacement and repairs, $1.3 billion for public transportation improvements, and $445 million for water infrastructure. 

Making these investments will not only create jobs but will provide for our region’s long-term economic vitality by employing thousands of our neighbors with good-paying, non-exportable jobs.

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