Representing the 4th District of Connecticut

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Civil Rights

Civil Rights

Our Constitution enshrines the core American value that all people should be treated equally.  Since coming to Congress, I have worked to extend equal rights to every citizen.


Economy and Jobs

We have made dramatic progress recovering from the financial crisis of 2008, but there are too many people, across America and here in Connecticut, who have been left behind. Click here to read more…



Education is one of the most critical long-term economic challenges we face, and we must take bold and immediate action to reverse the decline in our country’s education system.


Energy and Environment

 As the United States is in the middle of an energy-production boom fueled by cheap access to natural gas, we have essentially become energy independent. Our new focus must be on transitioning to sustainable and renewable energies that will power our economy and protect our environment.

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Financial Services

As a member of the Financial Services Committee that has jurisdiction over all issues pertaining to the banking system, housing, insurance, and securities and exchanges, my responsibility is to work to improve the regulatory apparatus, provide strong consumer protections, and increase access to capital for businesses to support a thriving economy.  In addition, I have been appointed to serve on


Fiscal Responsibility and Taxes

Last year, then-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen called the nation’s debt “our biggest national security threat.” The national debt has surpassed $16 trillion, and under current law, will continue to grow in the coming years. One rating agency has already downgraded our credit rating, and two others have issued warnings that they might do the same.

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Foreign Affairs and Defense

The most important function of government is to ensure the safety of its citizens. We must continue to make critical investments in our national security and strengthen our partnerships abroad. However, I also believe that the choice between our values and our safety is a false one.

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Health Care

It is a core American value that we look after our own, including offering our citizens a basic level of healthcare. I was proud to support the first comprehensive legislation in decades to help change our health care system for the better. Click here to read more…



Our nation’s immigration system is in clear need of improvement. Millions of people are living in the United States without status. The difficult issues created by this situation are reflected daily on our streets schools, hospitals and homes. The only viable solution is a comprehensive approach that embodies both Democratic and Republican priorities.



As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), I conduct oversight of the 17 separate federal agencies that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community, including the CIA and National Security Agency(NSA). Click here to read more…



America’s deteriorating transportation networks are a roadblock to commerce. Improvements to this sector are an essential investment in our country’s future and an effective way to create jobs and boost the economy. Click here to read more…



Government has few more sacred obligations than caring for the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. When you hear the stories of our veterans, you know that we owe them a debt we cannot ever repay. But we can and must try.