Representing the 4th District of Connecticut



Working in a Congressional office can be a rewarding and exciting experience. An internship provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable political insight and observe first-hand how our government operates. Interns cultivate a strong workplace skillset by undertaking a variety of administrative and legislative responsibilities in the office.

Interns in the Washington, D.C. office draft constituent correspondence, attend briefings and Congressional hearings as well as prepare memoranda for me and members of my staff.

Interns in the district offices conduct research, assist with constituent casework and draft correspondence. In both D.C. and the district, interns play a vital part of my staff and assist with answering phones, data entry and general office systems operations.

Internships are available expressly for the purpose of furthering educational objectives. They are therefore unpaid and generally awarded to students.



Interns are accepted throughout the year on both a full- and part-time basis. Priority is given to applicants from Connecticut's 4th Congressional District, although all interested persons are encouraged to apply. In my Washington, D.C. office, further preference is given to college students with Junior or Senior standing, and recent graduates.

Please apply to either my district offices or D.C. office.

Required Application Materials:

Bridgeport and Stamford Offices

Given the competitiveness of the summer program, high school students living in the district are encouraged to apply during the school year. Internship schedules are arranged around school commitments.

The High School Senior Internship Program is open to all high school seniors who are able to intern during the final weeks of their high school career. These interns are granted permission by their school to intern in my office instead of attend classes. Please speak with your academic or career counselor to see if your school offers this program. While the specific dates depend on the host school, the session will generally start mid-May and end mid-June. The application deadline is March 18, 2019.

The Summer Internship Program is open to all high school- and college-level students. The application deadline is April 21, 2019. Interns will start around mid-June and complete their terms around mid-August. Applicants with full-time availability are preferred.

Please note: When you submit a district office internship application, you are applying for both the Bridgeport and Stamford offices. The specific location of your internship will be decided by the intern selection staff based on a few factors, including commute time and the offices’ needs.

Please email your application to


Washington, D.C. Office

The Summer Internship Program is open to undergraduate- and graduate-level students as well as recent graduates. The application deadline for the Washington, D.C. office is April 21, 2019.

Please email your application to


If you have any questions concerning the program, please do not hesitate to contact the D.C. office at (202) 225-5541 or the district offices at (203) 333-6600.