Funding: $25,000,000 

Description: Grants to develop and expand marine highway service options and facilitates their further integration into the current U.S. surface transportation system, especially where water-based transport is the most efficient, effective and sustainable option.

Eligible Recipients: State governments (including State departments of transportation), metropolitan planning organizations, port authorities, and tribal governments, or private sector operators of marine highway services within designated Marine Highway Projects.

Eligible Uses: Funds can be used for material handling/container handling equipment (e.g., reach stackers, cranes, forklifts) as well as minor port improvements such as lighting or laydown areas. Funds have been used for dredging in non-federal navigation channels and pier-side. For vessels, the funds can be used to purchase, lease, or improve/modify vessels documented per the legislation. The Program seeks to procure zero or near-zero emission equipment when available and practical.

Deadline for FY22: Closed. June 17, 2022

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