Funding: $7,500,000,000

Description: Provides supplemental funding for grants to the State and local entities listed above on a competitive basis for projects that will have a significant local/regional impact.

Eligible Recipients:(A) a State; (B) the District of Columbia; (C) any territory or possession of the United States; (D) a unit of local government; (E) a public agency or publicly chartered authority established by 1 or more States; (E) a special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority; (F) a Tribal government or a consortium of Tribal governments; (G) a partnership between Amtrak and 1 or more entities described in (A) through (F); and (H) a group of entities described in (A) through (G).

Eligible Uses: Projects eligible under RAISE include— 

  • a highway or bridge project eligible for assistance under title 23, United States Code; 

  • a public transportation project eligible for assistance under chapter 53 of title 49, United States Code; 

  • a passenger rail or freight rail transportation project eligible for assistance under title 49, United States Code; a port infrastructure investment, including inland port infrastructure and 

  • a land port-of-entry; 

  • the surface transportation components of certain eligible airport projects; 

  • a project for investment in a surface transportation facility located on Tribal land, the title or maintenance responsibility of which is vested in the Federal Government;

  • a project to replace or rehabilitate a culvert or prevent stormwater runoff for the purpose of improving habitat for aquatic species; and 

  • any other surface transportation infrastructure project that the Secretary considers to be necessary to advance the goal of the program. 

Deadline for FY22: April 14, 2022 (selections will be announced no later than August 12, 2022)

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