Funding: $5,000,000,000

Description: To fund projects that improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of intercity passenger and freight rail.

Eligible Recipients: State; group of states; interstate compact; public agency or publicly chartered authority established by one or more states; political subdivision of a state; Amtrak or another rail carrier that provides intercity rail passenger transportation; Class II railroad or Class III railroad; rail carrier or rail equipment manufacturer in partnership with at least one of these earlier entities; Transportation Research Board and any entity with which it contracts in the development of rail-related research, including cooperative research programs; university transportation center engaged in rail-related research; non-profit labor organization representing a class or craft of employees of rail carriers or rail carrier contractors.

Eligible Uses: Eligible projects include a wide range of freight and passenger rail capital, safety technology deployment, planning, environmental analyses, research, workforce development, and training projects. New eligibilities include: (1) measures to prevent trespassing on railroad property; (2) preparation of emergency plans for communities through which hazardous materials are transported by rail; (3) research, development, and testing to advance innovative rail projects; and (4) rehabilitating, remanufacturing, procuring, or overhauling locomotives to reduce emissions.

Deadline: October 4, 2022

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