Funding: $11,713,000,000

Description: A federal-state program that provides funding and financing to public water systems for wide range of drinking water infrastructure projects and activities. 

Eligible Recipients: States initially receive funding, then provide funds to Water Utilities and/or Municipal and Other Eligible Entities. Communities submit applications to state agencies for financial assistance from the State Revolving Fund. States score each application to determine which projects receive funding.

Eligible Uses: Provides loans and grants to water systems for eligible infrastructure projects including: construction of expansion of drinking water treatment plants and/or distribution systems; improving drinking water treatment; fixing leaky or old pipes (water distribution); improving sources of water supply; replacing or constructing finished water storage tanks; other infrastructure projects needed to protect public health. 

State Administering Agency: CTDPH

Deadline: Thursday, March 31, 2022, in order to be considered for inclusion on the SFY 2023 Project Priority List. 

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