Funding: $500,000,000  

Description: To provide federal financial assistance to advance new clean hydrogen production, processing, delivery, storage, and use equipment manufacturing technologies and techniques. 

Eligible Recipients: Industry Partner 

Eligible Uses: (A) Increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the recovery of raw materials from clean hydrogen technology components and systems; (B) minimizing environmental impacts from the recovery and disposal processes; (C) addressing any barriers to the research, development, demonstration, and commercialization of technologies and processes for the disassembly and recycling; (D) developing alternative materials, designs, manufacturing processes, and other aspects of clean hydrogen technologies; (E) developing alternative disassembly and resource recovery processes that enable efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible disassembly of, and resource recovery from, clean hydrogen technologies; and (F) developing strategies to increase consumer acceptance of, and participation in, the recycling of fuel cells. 

Deadline: TBA. Estimated application opening date, 2nd quarter 2022.

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