Funding: $125,000,000 

Description: To award grants for research, development, and demonstration projects to create innovative and practical approaches to increase the reuse and recycling of batteries.

Eligible Recipients: (i) An institution of higher education; (ii) a National Laboratory; (iii) a Federal research agency; (iv) a State research agency; (v) a nonprofit organization; (vi) an industrial entity; (vii) a manufacturing entity; (viii) a private battery-collection entity; (ix) an entity operating 1 or more battery recycling activities; (x) a State or municipal government entity; (xi) a battery producer; (xii) a battery retailer; or (xiii) a consortium of 2 or more entities described in clauses (i) through (xii).

Eligible Uses: Research, development, and demonstration to address (i) recycling activities; (ii) the development of methods to promote the design and production of batteries that take into full account and facilitate the dismantling, reuse, recovery, and recycling of battery components and materials; (iii) strategies to increase consumer acceptance of, and participation in, the recycling of batteries; (iv) the extraction or recovery of critical minerals from batteries that are recycled; (v) the integration of increased quantities of recycled critical minerals in batteries and other products to develop markets for recycled battery materials and critical minerals; (vi) safe disposal of waste materials and components recovered during the recycling process; (vii) the protection of the health and safety of all persons involved in, or in proximity to, recycling and reprocessing activities, including communities located near recycling and materials reprocessing facilities; (viii) mitigation of environmental impacts that arise from recycling batteries, including disposal of toxic reagents and byproducts related to recycling processes; (ix) protection of data privacy associated with collected covered battery-containing products; (x) the optimization of the value of material derived from recycling batteries; and (xi) the cost-effectiveness and benefits of the reuse and recycling of batteries and critical minerals.

Deadline: TBA. Estimated application opening date, 4th quarter 2022

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