Funding: $50,000,000

Description: To support the creation of coalitions and partnerships among communities, groups, and localities - especially those that have been traditionally underserved - to address various marine debris challenges. 

Eligible Recipients: Sea Grant Programs

Eligible Uses: Projects may include (but are not limited to):

  • Partnering with local businesses and business associations (e.g. food service, tourism, waterfront, etc.) to identify marine debris control points in their operations, determine alternative materials and processes that reduce debris generation, and implement cost effective replacement strategies.

  • Establishing/scaling formal educational initiatives that engage students and schools in efforts that learn about and address marine debris and its sources in their communities. Conducting outreach to local commercial and recreational fishers related to derelict fishing gear, marine debris, waste management, and port reception facilities. Establish and encourage net pick-up and disposal options for fishers, boaters, and other ocean users to bring derelict fishing gear ashore.

  • Supporting community efforts to identify local sources of microplastics and microfibers and mitigate their release into local waterways. Generating resources that increase awareness of microplastics and microfibers for a wide range of audiences from the public to policymakers. 

  • Partnering with municipalities to improve waste and stormwater management to prevent debris from reaching local waterways. Assist these communities to establish or improve their recycling practices. 

  • Engaging communities to get involved with local and state rulemaking processes. Continue to support efforts that reduce the use of single use and disposable plastics.

Deadlines: Letters of Intent due August 16, 2022. Full Proposals due September 15, 2022.

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