Funding: $5,000,000,000 

Description: Provides funding to reduce exposure to PFAS and other emerging contaminants in drinking water in communities that may not have resources to fund projects necessary to address these risks.

Eligible Recipients: States initially receive funding, then provide funds through grants to water utilities and other eligible entities in small and/or underserved/disadvantaged communities. 

Eligible Uses

  • Efforts to address emerging contaminants in drinking water that would benefit a small or disadvantaged community on a per household basis; 

  • Technical assistance to evaluate emerging contaminant problems;

  • Programs to provide household water-quality testing, including testing for unregulated contaminants; 

  • Local contractor training; 

  • Activities necessary and appropriate for a state to respond to an emerging contaminant; and 

  • Installing centralized water treatment to address emerging contaminants at a small or disadvantaged community water system. 

Deadline: States and territories must submit a letter of intent by August 15, 2022, notifying the EPA of the intent to participate and the designating the appropriate agency.

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