Funding: $106,000,000

Description: The Long Island Sound Program supports the implementation of a comprehensive plan to protect and restore water quality, habitat, and living resources in Long Island Sound, working with state and local governments, the private sector, user groups, and the general public. A significant amount of this funding is channeled through the Long Island Sound Futures Fund. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation manages the Long Island Sound Futures Fund in partnership with the Long Island Sound Study through EPA’s Long Island Sound Office. A number of stakeholders review proposals and provide technical assistance to applicants and recipients.

Eligible Recipients: Broad Eligibilities. 

Eligible Uses: The Long Island Sound Program implements the Long Island Sound Study Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (Long Island Sound Study). The program also assists the states of Connecticut and New York and other public or nonprofit entities in implementation, research, planning, enforcement, and citizen involvement and education related to reducing pollution and improving the quality of the environment to sustain living resources in the Long Island Sound.

Deadline: Closed. May 19, 2022

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