Funding: $36,000,000,000

Description: To fund capital projects that reduce the state of good repair backlog, improve performance, or expand or establish new intercity passenger rail service, including privately operated intercity passenger rail service if an eligible applicant is involved.

Eligible Recipients: States, including the District of Columbia; A group of States; An InterState Compact; A public agency or publicly chartered authority established by one or more States; A political subdivision of a State; Amtrak, acting on its own behalf or under a cooperative agreement with one or more States; Federally recognized Tribe; Any combination of the entities above.

Eligible Uses: (1) Projects to replace, rehabilitate, or repair infrastructure, equipment, or a facility used for providing intercity passenger rail service to bring such assets into a State of good repair; (2) projects to improve intercity passenger rail service performance, including reduced trip times, increased train frequencies, higher operating speeds, improved reliability, expanded capacity, reduced congestion, electrification, and other improvements, as determined by the Secretary; (3) projects to expand or establish new intercity passenger rail service; and (4) a group of related projects described previously. The planning, environmental review, and final design of an eligible project or group of projects is also eligible. Preference to eligible projects: (1) for which Amtrak is not the sole applicant; (2) the improve the financial performance, reliability, service frequency, or address the State of good repair of an Amtrak route; and (3) that are identified in, and consistent with, a corridor inventory prepared under the Corridor Identification and Development Program pursuant to section 25101.

Deadline: TBA

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