Funding: $550,000,000  

Eligible Recipients: State and local governments

Description: Provides funding for projects that reduce energy use, increase energy efficiency, and cut pollution. 

Eligible Uses

  • Developing and implementing an energy efficiency and conservation strategy; 

  • Conducting residential and commercial building energy audits; 

  • Establishing financial incentive programs for energy efficiency improvements; 

  • Developing and implementing energy efficiency and conservation programs for buildings and facilities; 

  • Developing and implementing programs to conserve energy used in transportation (e.g. flex time for employees; satellite work centers; zoning guidelines or requirements that promote energy efficient development; infrastructure, such as bike lanes, pathways and pedestrian walkways; and synchronized of traffic signals); 

  • Developing and implementing building codes and inspection services to promote building energy efficiency; 

  • Developing and implementing programs to increase participation and efficiency rates for recycling programs;  

  • Replacing traffic signals and street lighting with energy-efficient lighting technologies;  

  • Purchasing and implementing technologies to reduce and capture methane and other greenhouse gases generated by landfills or similar sources; 

  • Developing, implementing and installing on or in any government building onsite renewable energy technology that generates electricity from renewable resources, such as solar and wind energy, fuel cells and biomass; and 

  • Financing energy efficiency, renewable energy and zero-emission transportation (and associated infrastructure), capital investments, projects and programs for leveraging of additional public and private sector funds.

Deadline: TBA

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