Modernizing our infrastructure remains a priority of mine. America’s network of transportation, energy, water, broadband, and civic infrastructure was once the envy of the world. Not any longer. Metro-North and Amtrak suffer from reliability issues and delays, and the Merritt and 95 are disasters during rush hours. Every minute stuck on a train or in traffic is time wasted.

I’m proud to help pass the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which provides hundreds of billions in funding to repair, rebuild and modernize our infrastructure. The law includes $550 billion in new investments in bridges, broadband, roads, waterways, and more. Over five years, Connecticut will receive $3.5 billion for federal-aid highway apportioned programs, $561 million for bridge replacement and repairs, $1.3 billion for public transportation improvements, $53 million for EV charging infrastructure, $100 million for broadband deployment, $62 million for airport improvements, and $445 million for water infrastructure through just formula funding allocated to each state under the bill. That’s to say nothing of the nationally competitive grants that the law creates.

Making these investments will not only create jobs but will provide for our region’s long-term economic vitality by employing thousands of our neighbors with good-paying, non-exportable jobs. Our grandparents came together to bind our nation with an unparalleled interstate highway system. It is our turn to imagine and build the 21st-century equivalent.

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