Washington, DC – Two organizations on opposite sides of the clean energy debate have released separate data, both showing a benefit to Connecticut consumers from clean energy legislation. The National Resources Defense Council and the Murray Energy Corporation have both done studies using data from the Energy Information Association (EIA) and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

“The fact that there are two groups on such opposite sides of this debate both saying that Connecticut stands to benefit from clean energy is a clear sign that we need to move forward with this,” said Congressman Himes. “We will finally be able to bring relief to Connecticut consumers while ensuring that Connecticut is not left out of this modernization process.”

Connecticut is part of the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a cooperative effort by ten Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to limit greenhouse gas emissions through a cap-and trade system. Connecticut’s participation in RGGI uniquely positions the state to benefit from the transition created by the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which is reflected by these two studies. Congressman Himes initially discussed the data on his Twitter page, which can be viewed here: http://twitter.com/jahimes.

The NRDC study can be seen here: https://himes.house.gov/uploads/EnergyMapNRDC.pdf
The Murray Energy study can be seen here: https://himes.house.gov/uploads/EnergyMapMurray.pdf