WASHINGTON, DC—In recognition of World AIDS week, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives today on the importance of treating people with HIV and finding a cure for AIDS:

“This week, Washington plays host to the International AIDS Conference, a conference that brings together activists, scientist, and people living with HIV to mourn those millions who have been lost to that disease around this world, but also to celebrate some very real progress made against that disease.

“HIV is no longer a death sentence for those who are diagnosed. That's a very large accomplishment that the U.S. government can claim some credit for through research at NIH, CDC... Small things like the fact that the city of Washington can be host because the President's administration lifted the travel ban on people with HIV.

“Mr. Speaker, there is also something for us to learn. The Bush Administration, which I didn't always agree with, also can take enormous credit for PEPFAR, a program which saved millions of lives in Africa and Asia and earned us the respect and the love of people around this planet. We should learn from that to work together to end this disease, to make sure that those with it are treated and that we prevent it and ultimately end it. That should be our goal.”

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