(Washington, DC) –Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Congressman John Larson (CT-1), Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3), and Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) today announced $9.9 million in workforce development grants for the Workplace Inc. and Capital Workforce Partners to target long term unemployed populations by providing them with education, career skills, and job placement assistance for jobs in the health care industry.

Capital Workforce Partners will receive $4,986,817. Located in Hartford, Capitol Workforce Partners aims to develop a skilled and educated workforce by coordinating programs and working alongside state and local elected officials. The resources awarded will be used to assist unemployed workers gain the skills needed to transition to healthcare careers through occupational training and on-the-job training.

“During these difficult economic times, Capitol Workforce Partners and The Workplace have been a gateway for many long-term unemployed in the state to reenter the workforce,” Senator Lieberman said. “These valuable grants will support these organizations in their mission to provide the career training and placement assistance that will ultimately lead people to new jobs.”

“These grants are a great shot in the arm to workforce training, essential to unemployed workers gaining skills they need to fill good paying jobs. These resources will support extraordinary programs that help expand and grow Connecticut’s economy,” said Senator Blumenthal.

“This is good news for Connecticut. This grant is intended to help long term unemployed workers gain the skills they need to compete in fields where we know there is strong demand for skilled workers,” Congressman Larson said. “Better yet, this grant will help Americans become qualified for jobs that employers are currently having to look abroad to fill. More skills for workers, more American employees for businesses. This grant is a win-win for our community.”

“We are excited to embark on another workforce development initiative with the Hartford – Springfield Economic Partnership and the Regional Employment Board of Hampden County (MA) in helping to get people back to work in the New England Knowledge Corridor that stretches from Connecticut into Western Massachusetts,” says Thomas Phillips, President and CEO of Capital Workforce Partners. “This grant comes to us at a most critical time during a challenged economy and at a time when there is a strong need for a growing healthcare workforce.”

The WorkPlace Inc., located in Bridgeport, received $4,936,845. The WorkPlace Inc. coordinates with business leaders and local officials to develop plans that identify and address the area’s employment needs and interests. The resources awarded will be used to fund an internship program that will train participants in healthcare fields and connect prospective employees to employers.

“The WorkPlace, Inc. is a remarkable organization that I have had the privilege of working with for many years now. They have had an enormous impact in helping unemployed men and women get back on their feet and find good, well-paying jobs to support their families—and their efforts with long-term unemployed workers and our nation’s veterans is especially commendable. This new program will provide workers with a new set of useful, profitable skills in the health care industry, and ensure that our hospitals and health care providers have access to a highly-trained workforce,” said Congresswoman DeLauro. “I am thrilled to announce this grant today and proud to have advocated for it with the department. I applaud the efforts of President Joe Carbone to give Connecticut’s workers the training and opportunities they need to be successful."

“Ensuring workers have the tools they need to take on jobs in growing industries is one of the best things we can do to claw our way out of America’s dangerous and growing jobs crisis.” Congressman Himes said. “This grant does just that, and I look forward to continuing to work with The WorkPlace to put programs in place that will help people find and succeed in new careers.”

“We are grateful to the Department of Labor for this opportunity and look forward to collaborating with our great partners to provide workers with the skills needed to enter healthcare careers. The Southwestern Connecticut Health Career Academy will be a bridge to hope that so many hard working but unemployed men and women in need,” said Joseph M. Carbone, President and Chief Executive Officer of The WorkPlace.

Blumenthal, Lieberman, Larson, Himes, and DeLauro all advocated for the grants, which were awarded by the United States Department of Labor.