WASHINGTON, DC—U.S. Representative Jim Himes (D-CT-4) announced today he has secured three significant authorizations for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study flooding, flood control, and environmental restoration throughout Fairfield County.

“The effects of flooding are felt throughout Fairfield County by local businesses, home owners, and municipalities alike,” said Himes.  “We have waited far too long to see real, local flooding protections put in place, but these approvals are the first step toward securing the assistance we need.”

The first study authorizes the Army Corps to holistically evaluate all of Fairfield and New Haven Counties’ rivers and streams to identify flood hazards, provide a list of locations with a high potential for flooding, and analyze possible solutions.  The second and third resolutions target two specific watersheds identified by the Army Corps of Engineers as particularly problematic – the Five Mile River and the Housatonic River.

Flooding over the past decade and as recently as this past winter has caused major damage throughout Fairfield County. These reconnaissance studies would help to identify high-risk flooding areas and implement solutions to mitigate flooding.

“These front-end investments will save taxpayer dollars and improve economic development opportunities in Fairfield County,” said Himes. “Without action, more flooding is inevitable. Taking action now will prevent damage in the short-term and help us build up our communities without fear of destruction in the long-term.”

Authorization studies are the necessary first step for any potential Army Corps project.  The Study Resolutions have now passed the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.  The Resolution does not require approval by the full House for authorization.