Letter to USPS highlight necessity of offices to families, businesses

BRIDGEPORT, CT— Responding to an announcement yesterday that three local post offices are under consideration for possible closure, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) wrote to the United States Postal Service urging that the offices remain open. Himes explained that the offices serve some of the area’s most disadvantaged citizens and are critical to the area’s business climate.

“I’m frustrated to have received notice that a number of local post offices are again under consideration for closure. While we look for savings throughout the federal government, we must choose wisely where to cut.  Local businesses and families depend on these offices because of their access to public transportation and as anchors for economic activity in the area, and I will fight as hard as I did two years ago to keep them open.” 

Click here to read the Bridgeport letter and here to read the Stamford letter.

The United States Postal Services announced yesterday that as part of a nation-wide effort to reduce costs by consolidating branches, it would consider closing the Noble and Barnum branches in Bridgeport and the Glenbrook branch in Stamford. In 2009, these same offices as well as the Waterside branch were targeted for closure, but Himes worked with local officials and the USPS to keep them open.