NEW CANAAN, CT – Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) released the following statement regarding the President’s address to school children planned for Tuesday. The Congressman will hold a press conference on Monday at 4pm with New Canaan parents. Further details will be announced tomorrow morning.

“As a Congressman and as a father to two young girls, I urge all local schools to provide their students the chance to listen to the President's address to school children on Tuesday. Denying children the rare opportunity to hear directly from their President is a disservice to them as students and as young citizens. The President will encourage students to do what we all know is right: to work hard to prepare themselves to be successful citizens in the greatest democracy in the world.

“Whether we agree or disagree with everything the President says, this is a rare chance for classes and families to discuss and debate the President's speech and to develop the thoughtfulness and critical faculties necessary for success in an increasingly complex and challenging world.”