Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) announced today that Connecticut has received its second and final installment of the State Energy Program funding provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The Department of Energy delivered an additional $19 million to the state, which has now received a total of $38 million through the State Energy Program to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects across the state.

“The Recovery Act State Energy Program creates jobs, helps protect family pocketbooks, and makes us safer both at home and abroad,” said Congressman Himes. “There’s no better way to reduce both energy costs and our dependence on foreign oil than to use less in the first place.”

The Department of Energy had previously awarded the first 50 percent of Connecticut’s State Energy Program (SEP) funding.  The remaining 50 percent announced today was delivered to the state after aggressive oversight, reporting, and accountability measures were put in place.

Connecticut will use its SEP funding to create or protect jobs and save energy with several projects.  These  Recovery Act funds will enable more residents to take advantage of inexpensive in-home energy audits designed to reduce energy bills and encourage energy efficiency.  Earlier this year, Congressman Himes helped weatherize a home to bring attention to the program. The state will also use funding to support the Clean Cities of Southwestern Connecticut coalition to support their efforts to facilitate the adoption of alternate fuels and petroleum-reducing technologies in Connecticut.