WASHINGTON, DC— Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, today was named the Ranking Member of the new Subcommittee on the National Security Agency and Cybersecurity for the 114th Congress. The appointment makes Himes the senior-most Democrat on the subcommittee. It is his first leadership post on a congressional committee. 

“I am honored to have the opportunity to help lead this new subcommittee tasked with overseeing the National Security Agency and America’s cybersecurity. The subcommittee will be deeply involved with a host of critical national security issues, from reforming America’s surveillance capabilities and oversight, to defending our nation against cyber warfare, as well as monitoring our counterterrorism efforts against groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

“The recent network attacks against government agencies and businesses like Target, Home Depot and Sony Pictures underscore the need for Congress to strengthen America’s capacity to confront cyber threats. We must remain vigilant against threats to our nation, but we must also ensure America’s intelligence programs achieve the appropriate balance between protecting our security and the privacy and civil liberties of our people. I look forward to working closely with members of the committee from both parties to reach that balance and build a safer and more secure nation.”

The House Intelligence Committee oversees the budget and activities of the 17 intelligence agencies of the United States. Himes joined the committee in 2013. In addition to his post on the Subcommittee on the National Security Agency and Cybersecurity, he will also serve on the Subcommittee on the Central Intelligence Agency.