WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) ranks among the most pro-environment legislators in Congress, according to the League of Conservation Voters’ (LCV) 2012 National Environmental Scorecard. Himes earned a grade of 94 percent for his work in the House last year, and a 96 percent for his work in the 112th Congress. Click here for the scorecard.

“We have a profound obligation to turn our planet over to our children in as good or better condition than we received it from our parents. It is a moral obligation to preserve our planet for future generations,” said Himes. “Last Congress saw unprecedented attacks on important environmental protections, and I was proud to stand on the side of keeping our air safe to breathe and our water clean to drink.”

Members of Congress were graded based on 35 votes on issues ranging from renewable energy investments to clean drinking water protection. According to the LCV, the 2012 House session was characterized by the Republican leadership continuing its “war on the environment, public health, and clean energy,” dubbing the 112th Congress “the most anti-environmental House in our nation’s history.” Throughout the year, Himes cast votes to preserve the environment, invest in clean energy, and protect endangered species.