Stamford, CT—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) and Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today met with holiday travelers to discuss how high gas prices are affecting their weekend plans. The gentlemen also shared information about their efforts to help consumers avoid paying high prices now and in the future.

Blumenthal said, “Unfair prices and other pitfalls at the pump can be avoided by consumers who proactively shop around and protectively check the math. Consumers can save dollars and help stop fraud by checking posted prices against rates actually charged, making sure the price dial is initially set at zero, shopping competitively, and other common steps.

“Cash discounts now widely offered -- which I fought hard to achieve -- can save countless dollars. Shopping around -- sometimes finding vast price differences only blocks away -- can also cut costs. Vigilance is key to avoid being misled at the pumps or mistakenly overcharged. Consumers should carefully observe the posted prices and do the math -- making sure that they are charged properly. My mantra: Trust, but verify. Save receipts and compare them to credit card statements.”

"Summer is seeming more and more like Ground Hog Day,” said Congressman Himes. “Every year, we get in our cars to go on vacation or drive to the beach, only to find that gas prices are once again through the roof. We argue day in and day out about oil companies, refineries and speculators, but one thing never changes: the pain people feel at the pump. Our reformed energy policy will create new energy jobs and save consumers at the pump."

Late last week, Congressman Himes helped pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), legislation that will reform America’s energy policy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.  The new policy will invest in clean energy technology and the development of products that can use new forms of energy produced in America. The bill is projected to cut the use of oil and petroleum products by two million barrels a day by 2030—as much oil as we currently import from the Persian Gulf. ACES will invest in cost-saving energy technology to save consumers money and also protect consumers with price spike protection, energy tax credits, and cost-saving technology.