We face an economic crisis unlike anything we as a country have ever experienced. Americans have dire and immediate concerns: What will happen to my job?  How can I pay my rent or mortgage, afford health care or even put food on the table for my family? Today, I voted to provide immediate relief to alleviate the potential for economic catastrophe.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which will soon become law, is an enormous effort to support Americans while they fight the pandemic through social distancing and other sacrifices. This wide-ranging economic rescue package provides rapid relief for individuals, businesses, and those responding to the pandemic on the ground. It includes direct monetary payments for most Americans, an enhanced safety net for those losing their livelihoods, protections necessary to keep Americans in their homes, historic support for small businesses and other key employers, and billions of dollars towards programs to fight this pandemic. This comes on top of the two previous packages I supported to guarantee free testing for the coronavirus, create paid sick and emergency leave programs and to support our frontline responders and hospitals as they do their heroic work.

Our work in Congress is not done – we must throw everything we have at this virus, like Americans always have, listen to our constituents’ concerns and be prepared to deliver more in the future.  To every American, and especially to my constituents, my message today is: Do everything you can to prevent the spread of this disease and protect yourself and your neighbors. I will fight every day to ensure you have the resources to come through this time of trial.