WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) has secured an additional $8.5 million for federal investment in local projects with the passage of a comprehensive agreement between the United States House and Senate on remaining 2010 fiscal year spending bills. The bill passed the House yesterday and is expected to be taken up by the Senate over the weekend. The Consolidated Appropriations Act combines the appropriations bills for the Departments of Transportation, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, Education, Health and Human Services, and Commerce and the agencies related to spending in the areas of commerce, justice, science, military construction, financial services, and state and foreign operations.

“This funding for local community projects creates jobs and helps make our communities even better places to live, work, and raise a family,” said Congressman Himes. “These investments are an essential piece of my effort to turn the economy around and put us on a path toward economic stability.”

The Consolidated Appropriations Act increases funding for infrastructure, health, and education to create jobs immediately while investing in our local communities and workforce for the long term. It invests $1.4 billion in training and support services for workers impacted by mass layoffs and plant closures. To support small businesses – the engines of job growth in this country – it provides additional lending funds for firms having trouble borrowing capital in this market.

As part of our commitment to our veterans, this bill increases funding for services to the men and women who served our country–including increases for mental health services, health care in rural areas, and assistance to homeless veterans. It boosts funding for military construction in order to make sure our troops have all of the facilities they need to help keep our country safe.  It also provides increased funding for state and local law enforcement to keep our communities safe here at home. 

Local investments are listed below. For more information on individual projects, click here. The Congressman will hold local events highlighting the impact of key projects in coming months.

$500,000 for the Demolition of Congress Street Bridge
Bridgeport, CT

$2,435,000 for the Bridgeport Intermodal Transportation Center
Bridgeport, CT

$2,000,000 for the Stamford Urban Transitway
Stamford, CT

$250,000 for the construction of an affordable housing development
Darien, CT

Public Safety
$175,000 for In-Car Camera Technology Upgrade
State of CT, Dept of Public Safety

$900,000 for Family Re-Entry, Fresh Start Re-Entry Program
Norwalk, CT

$500,000 for the Courage to Speak Foundation
Norwalk, CT

$350,000 for the Lighthouse Afterschool Program
Bridgeport, CT

$700,000 for ABCD for its Total Learning Initiative
Bridgeport, CT

$100,000 for Voices of 9/11
New Canaan, CT

Health Care
$325,000 for Bridgeport Hospital facilities and equipment