Bringing Infrastructure Dollars Home

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will help bring American roads, rail, and bridges into the 21st Century and beyond. This bipartisan legislation includes record investments in public transportation, safe water, broadband, electric vehicle infrastructure, the Long Island Sound, and much more. 

I've created this resource to help our communities learn more about the programs in this historic bill and understand how to access funding from it. Funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will primarily be delivered through formula-based funding and competitive funding opportunities

Formula-Based Funding is generally apportioned to the states by formula, and implementation is left primarily to state agencies. Competitive or Discretionary Funding is awarded on a competitive basis through an application process specified by the federal agency making the grant. Each program's selection criteria is outlined in the grant solicitation. Municipalities and organizations in Connecticut's Fourth District may request a letter of support from my office for grant applications by completing this form

Please contact my office at (203) 333-6600 if you have any questions about these federal programs or want to learn more about accessing funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Grant Application Due Date Calendar

Friday, Jun. 17, 2022

Funding: $25,000,000 

Description: Grants to develop and expand marine highway service options and facilitates their further integration into the current U.S. surface transportation system, especially where water-based transport is the most efficient, effective and sustainable option.

Eligible Recipients: State governments (including State departments of transportation), metropolitan planning organizations, port authorities, and tribal governments, or private sector operators of marine highway services within designated Marine Highway Projects.

Eligible Uses: Funds can be used for material handling/container handling equipment (e.g., reach stackers, cranes, forklifts) as well as minor port improvements such as lighting or laydown areas. Funds have been used for dredging in non-federal navigation channels and pier-side. For vessels, the funds can be used to purchase, lease, or improve/modify vessels documented per the legislation. The Program seeks to procure zero or near-zero emission equipment when available and practical.

Deadline for FY22: Closed. June 17, 2022

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