Funding: $3,000,000,000

Description: Provides grants to provide flexibility and help quickly rebalance the electrical system, facilitate the aggregation or integration of distributed energy resources, provide energy storage to meet fluctuating, provide voltage support, integrate intermittent generation sources, increase the network’s operational transfer capacity, and anticipate and mitigate impacts of extreme weather events or natural disasters on grid resilience.

Eligible Recipients: Utilities 

Eligible Uses: Qualifying Smart Grid investments including for installation, that allow buildings to engage in demand flexibility or Smart Grid functions. Eligible investments include metering, control, and other devices, sensors, and software; communications and broadband technologies to support smart grid deployment; technologies and programs to integrate electric vehicles to the grid; devices and software for buildings support demand flexibility and other smart grid functions; operational fiber and wireless broadband communications networks enabling data sharing between distribution system components; and Advanced transmission technologies, including dynamic line rating, flow control devices, advanced conductors, and network topology optimization, to increase the operational transfer capacity transmission networks.

Deadline: Expected to be opened by year end 2022

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