Washington D.C. – Today, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) released the following statement on the House Democratic Caucus announcing a USMCA trade agreement:

“This agreement represents a new standard for U.S. trade agreements and ensures that American workers emerge with a win. The trade agreement that Democrats negotiated and fought for, ensures standards for enforcement of labor violations, increases environmental protections, and removes provisions that raise prescription drug prices for hard-working Americans.”

“With this state of the art deal, Democrats demonstrate that we can legislate and investigate at the same time. The USMCA is another example of our ability to carry out our constitutionally mandated oversight duties and pass legislation that benefits all Americans.”

“This agreement isn’t about which party wins or loses. It’s about doing what’s right for American workers and American families. Democrats will never torpedo a policy that is good for the American people because it has the President’s name on it. Instead, we will legislate for the good of the country. The USMCA implements effective and enforceable labor standards, ensures we are acting as responsible stewards of our environment and addresses the issue of rising prescription drug costs, all while strengthening our economy. It is a true feat of bipartisanship and I thank the Speaker and all of those who worked hard to get a deal done.”