WASHINGTON, DCCongressman Jim Himes (CT-04) released the following statement on President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from teh Paris Climate Agreement:

"Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is a terrible decision that leads us down a path to rising sea levels and destructive weather that will wreak havoc on our planet. Drought, climate refugees and competition over dwindling resources will destabilize global security. Without a coordinated global effort to combat climate change, the future looks bleak.

"Leading scientists believe that window of opportunity for us to avert the most disastrous scenarios caused by climate change is quickly closing. Now is a moment when we should be banding together with the world to face what could very well be the greatest threat to our continued survival as a species. Instead, President Trump has once again adopted an extreme, fringe position and is placing our families, nation and world at great risk. This is a shameful day."