WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) released the following statement regarding the shutdown of the United States Government. House Republicans continue to insist on holding the government hostage to their failed attempts, 44 in all, to eliminate or delay the Affordable Care Act. The President has made clear he will veto legislation that weakens health care reform.

“As we emerge from another late night session and move into the beginning of an avoidable and irresponsible government shutdown, I remain amazed by my colleagues’ unwillingness to put their own political agendas aside and do their job. As the President said, it is the job of Congress to ensure our government has the funding and the authorization it needs to stay open to help the American people.

“But because of the House Majority’s wish list of demands – including defunding or delaying health care reform just as it is going into effect – passport offices will shutter, businesses will see their federal contracts and loans delayed, and hundreds of federal employees living in Connecticut will be furloughed. Estimates show the American economy will suffer substantially if the government shuts down. “

“It is absolutely ridiculous that Congress would continue down this path of intransigence as the American people demand we find compromise and keep the government running. In the coming days, I will continue urging my colleagues to come to the table, leave their childish demands at home, and pass a clean resolution to fund the United States government.”