Votes against resolution to authorize continuation of current activity for one year

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) today voted in favor of a resolution limiting U.S. involvement in Libya to search and rescue efforts, intelligence gathering, aerial refueling, and operational planning. Himes also opposed a measure authorizing the President to continue operations in Libya for one year.

Himes released the following statement.

“With our nation engaged in three wars, too many Americans have lost their lives, and we are spending too much money fighting abroad rather than building at home. While I have larger constitutional issues with the vast war-making authority assumed by modern presidents, I supported the President’s decision to take action in Libya because that effort saved thousands of innocent Libyan lives. I supported that decision under the condition our action would be limited in both scope and length. The resolution I supported today limits our involvement to those activities only the United States possesses the capability to undertake and those duties that present less risk to human life. It is time for the United States to step aside to encourage other nations to play a larger role in these and similar efforts.”