Washington, DC –Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) issued the following statement in response to passage of health care reform.

“I’m proud to have helped pass comprehensive health care reform today that puts us back in charge of our own health care decisions. This reform helps slow the escalation of health care costs in a terribly inefficient system, ensures access to health care for the millions of Americans currently struggling to get the care they need, and puts the decision-making power back in the hands of doctors and patients.

“This plan reforms the way Americans pay for health care and improves access to quality affordable care across the board. No longer will insurance companies deny health coverage to children, no longer will seniors have to choose between paying for food or prescriptions, and no longer will businesses have to fear huge increases in coverage costs, forcing them to lay off workers or eliminate coverage.

“This legislation is a good first step. While we will continue to improve this legislation over time, we have put our country on a path toward a healthier future.”