The whips against the "Slaughter Solution"
In a surprise move today, Democrats decided to vote on the Senate bill directly instead of using the so-called Slaughter Solution, a procedural maneuver that would have shielded them from a direct vote on the bill.
A senior Democratic aide tells my colleague Josh Kraushaar that Reps. Himes, Owens and Murphy lead the charge against using the Slaughter Solution.
Posted by Chris Frates 04:02 PM

Himes' statement regarding effort:
“After a morning of hard work on the House floor, several of my colleagues and I persuaded leadership to take separate up or down votes on the Senate health care bill and amendments to that legislation. I strongly support health care reform, but I am equally committed to maintaining the transparency and good order that Americans should expect from their government. After months of gathering input from our constituents and ensuring both lawmakers and constituents had 72 hours to read the final version of the bill before each vote, it would be a shame not to maintain those standards of openness through final passage.”