WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4) released the following statement regarding his vote today to extend long-term unemployment benefits, which are set to expire November 30. Although a majority of Members supported the measure, the bill failed because it was considered under a suspension of the rules, which requires the support of two-thirds of Congress for passage.

“Extending unemployment benefits is the right thing to do for both those struggling to find jobs and our economy as a whole,” said Himes. “Families and businesses are on the cusp of recovery, and it’s irresponsible to pull this money out of the economy, just as it would be unwise to allow the current tax rates to expire. I urge another vote and support for this measure before the end of the month.”

Key facts supporting the Congressman’s position:

• Economists estimate that if unemployment benefits were allowed to expire, the American economy would slow by a half a percent.
• Without action, 800,000 people would stop getting checks within four days.
• A total of 2 million people would lose jobless benefits by the end of the year without congressional action.
• A Department of Labor report shows that for every $1 spent on unemployment insurance, $2 are spent in the economy.