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Himes Responds to FAA Court Ruling

June 10, 2009
Press Release

WASHINGTON—In response to yesterday’s ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals which dismissed a challenge to the FAA’s proposed airspace redesign in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia corridor, Congressman Jim Himes released the following statement:

“The court’s decision ignores the rights of property owners and the environmental and economic impact of the FAA’s proposed redesign.  The noise pollution over Ridgefield and the surrounding area is severe, and residents of Southwest Connecticut will be unfairly affected by this change. Additionally, this decision excuses the FAA of its responsibility to properly research and investigate the consequences of their actions to ensure decisions that are based on facts rather than the Agency’s convenience. I will remain in regular contact with the FAA, and I will act on any opportunity—legislative or otherwise—to make sure the redesign is not accomplished at the expense of our quality of life.”

A  GAO report issued in July of 2008 raised concerns that the “FAA may not meet its estimated implementation time frame, be able to deal with potential obstacles, or be able to transition from the current airspace structure to the redesigned structure.”


The report also stated that “A benefit-cost analysis, although not required, could provide more comprehensive information for FAA to assess whether the estimated benefits associated with redesigning airspace justify the costs.”