Help With Federal Grants

How My Office Can Help

My office and I want to do everything we can to assist constituents, organizations, and local governments secure federal funding for eligible local projects. Please keep in mind, however, that funding is very competitive and projects must be a justifiable use of taxpayer resources. The grant-writing process and associated research can be extensive and time-consuming, so you should plan accordingly.

In addition, most grant application processes are extremely competitive and assistance from my office does not guarantee funding; however, I will do my best to help you navigate the system. Some of the ways my office can assist you are listed below:

  • As a source of information to identify community resources such as grant writer or grant writing classes;
  • By directing you to potential federal funding sources;
  • As a facilitator with agencies and foundations prior and post grant submission;
  • As an advocate with Federal agencies;
  • And in some cases I can assist with a letter of support.

I have complied a Grants Manual to help lead you through the grant application process. This short guide provides both information about how my office can help and community resources that you may find useful.  Additional documents to which I refer in the manual appear as attachments at the bottom of this page.

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